Radio Frequency Identification identifies and keeps track of objects tagged with RFID tags with the use of electromagnetic fields. Each RFID tag is enabled to receive and transmit data, such as an identifying number, when triggered by an RFID reader. RFID technology makes inventory and resources management a quicker and more accurate process by only requiring the tagged item to be passed by the RFID reader. Data is instantly communicated between tags and readers and made available to operators. 


GROWITHIS offers RFID customized systems and softwares for use in all industries including but not limited to:


  • Asset tracking (retail, automotive, manufacturing, supply chain management)
  • Shelf-life optimization 
  • Loss prevention and shrinkage reduction
  • Traditional and Self Checkout
  • Alarm systems
  • Employee badges
  • Promotion tracking

Transportation and Logistics

  • Yard management (Shipping/Freight)
  •  Traffic management
  • Public Transport systems (including ticketing)

Infrastructure Management and Protection


  • Resource and equipment management/inventory
  • Patient file management 
  • Real-time locating system


Personal Identification Systems

  • Identity cards
  • Driver's Licence
  • Social Security Documents
  • Passports

And any other facility wishing to better manage resources, assets, and data.