Recent achievements include artificial intelligence such as winning against the world’s best chess and Go players, voice recognition, or assisting physicians with diagnostics.

As a reminder, the term “artificial intelligence”, created by John McCarthy, is defined by one of its creators, Marvin Lee Minsky, as “The construction of computer programs that perform tasks that are, for the time being, more satisfactorily performed by human beings because they require high-level mental processes such as: perceptual learning, organization of memory and critical reasoning “.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the big technological trend that pays in 2019. The global AI market is expected to be worth 1,2 trillion dollars ($ 1200 $) this year. A growth figure of 70% compared to 2017, says the firm Gartner.

Growithis, Inc. offers the following artificial intelligence-based services:

  • Intelligent voice assistant
  • Big data and data analysis
  • Regressions of data and implementation of predictive models
  • Data classification thanks to Machine Learning