The earth is a gift that must be preserved. It is in this perspective that several political, economic and social steps take place at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Given the importance of protecting the environment, Growithis has been involved for years in major global events sensitive to environmental issues such as the COP, and acts in this direction by offering services that optimize existing resources to avoid waste of resources and energy.

Growithis offers the following services to protect nature:

  • Recovery and destruction of waste
  • Recycling and upgrading of plastics

Also, Growithis information systems help reduce CO2 and limit deforestation. In fact, by digitizing the management of companies, they no longer need to use paper support whose main origin comes from forest wood, requiring specific industrial processing and which must be transported to the points of sale. , thereby consuming electricity and fuel. These operations have a significant energy cost, which comes mostly from the combustion of petroleum products, releasing a large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, a gas responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming. Thus, by using the information systems that Growithis offers, you optimize your material and human resources, but also contribute to the protection of the environment.